The incubator is basically a program that is specially designed for startups for refining their business plan. They navigate the challenges faced by any business organization.  Incubators are focused on regional economic development and are funded through a combination of public sources and private grants. Strong relationships with universities and venture capital firms can help the startups in supporting innovation and regional prosperity. Though companies can enter into the category of attaining maturity due to the incubators after accomplishing significant milestones. There are no time boundaries for the companies to participate. Various incubators function as not-for-profit entities. 

Here we have listed some of the major advantages of a startup Incubator: 

1. Networking Opportunities

It is essential for any startup to check their networking opportunities before joining and incubating your product and service very carefully. The strategy should be unique and in demand. In the business growth context, it is not always required to have great services and amazing product quality, networking is equally important for the short term as well as for long-term growth. Networking is the act of exchanging information and building relationships with others that including- professionals, leaders, and startup entrepreneurs within your industry. 

2. Exposure to Leaders and Mentors

Incubators are the ground of angel investors, venture capitalists, and others who can mentor entrepreneurs. It might be challenging for you to get an opportunity of learning from experts in their respective areas. Once you start working in an incubator, you will get exposure to industry leaders and build a mentoring relationship. 

3. Access to Funding

We all are aware of the significance of funding for startups. Incubators are having a collection of partners who assist startups that are using the incubator. These partners also provide funds and other valuable resources for such startups. 

4. Low-Cost Space and Access to Expensive Equipment

Incubators can provide you with a different range of ṣpace. Most business incubators offer supplies and other resources that are essential to obtain their organization's efficiency. Those startups get access to expensive equipment that will have limited funding. In addition to this, they can also receive professional training and supplies for the equipment. 

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