Elemento Labs, is helping children to master robotics at home

Elemento Labs

Elemento Labs is a Gurugram-based startup that facilitates building bots. Build your own robots by utilizing the Arduino Robotic Kits with Elemento Labs.

Nowadays, robots have become a big part of our lives and are going to become a solution of the future. Over the globe, most jobs will require a deep understanding of robots in their employees. In countries like China, the US, and Singapore children are already learning their techniques as well as the skills to operate them. Teaching robotics to children is a great way to increase their interest in the children for science.

With this concept, Garima Goyal founded The Elemento Labs in the year 2017. This is the Gurugram-based startup that took an initiative to teach robotics to children.

Garima Goyal was born in Uttaranchal. She herself took an initiative to teach her children about robotics at home. She had a desire to make her children learn about robotics and started giving and making small projects. Later, she made a massive decision to start a company. It was the sole responsibility of Garima to look after the overall curriculum design and delivery.

All About Elemento Labs 

Elemento Labs is an education company that teaches robotics programs to children at home where children can build their own robots using Arduino Robotic Kits. The company delivers a box to your resident every 3 months. Each box contains the content of multiple projects.

Elemento Labs facilitates unlimited teacher support that will train you on how to make proper use of equipment including sensors, electronic components, connectors, chassis, robocar wheels, etc. The startup company also helps them to develop an interest in Engineering, Science, Technology, and Mathematics.

Elemento Labs Curriculum:

Junior Robotics program (Age 5-10)

Senior Robotics program (Age 11-18)

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