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Foliyoo- Online Fleet Booking Platform

Transportation has always been a major problem across India. Because of such issues, businesses in rural areas face a lot of difficulties.

Biswajit faced several challenges while transporting materials to his local shop. Understanding the situation and difficulties, Biswajit decided to solve these transportation issues and started Foliyoo, a logistics and transport aggregator startup.


Foliyoo was founded by Biswajit Muduli in the year 2018. Foliyoo is a Bhubaneswar-based logistics and transport startup that facilitates an online platform to book vehicles for shifting and moving-related concerns. The startup provides seamless fleet logistic solutions for commercial and individual purposes.

Biswajit Muduli has completed his diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications from KIIT Polytechnic University. 


When Biswajit initiated his own plumbing parts shop, he faced several challenges in transporting materials.

Issues escalated when he was unable to provide his customers with the estimated time of delivery as there was no vehicle. In addition to this, he found it difficult to book a truck. 

So, to provide a solution to the transport-related problems, Biswajit established Foliyoo in 2018.

USP Of Foliyoo 

Built to resolve the transportation needs of both customers as well as truck drivers, Foliyoo provides a win-win situation for customers and drivers both.

The startup gives truck drivers an opportunity to decide how much they want to charge per booking, whereas customers can choose the best option.

Foliyoo doesn’t compromise with the safety of customers’ material to be transported. The drivers get registered on the platform after being verified on their background. Users can book the vehicle as per their requirement through Foliyoo’s website or android app.

Future Plans

Foliyoo is planning to launch its services very soon in Bihar, Jharkhand, Kolkata, Sikkim, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.

The online fleet booking platform is also planning to expand its services in other sectors like medicine and book delivery. With a focus on electric vehicles for green transportation, the startup has the vision to bring more drivers on the platform and focus on the pan India market. 

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