ScaleUp: Discovering India’s Promising Startups

ScaleUp: Discovering India’s Promising Startups

The golden internet age of the Indian economy has arrived! About more than 834 Million Indians at the current time are using the internet for each and every purpose whether it is entertainment, communication, shopping, learning, or any other purpose. As per the report, there are nearly 89% of active users in India browse the internet every day.

There are various factors that are affecting the digital transformation and helping in increasing the daily usage of the technical infrastructure in India. These factors include:

  • Fast-falling data costs,
  • The emergence of vernacular-first applications,
  • An explosion in digital transactions, and
  • The increase of content marketing.

The adaptive pace of the internet arose during the pandemic that has further supported the growth of digital businesses. As a result, the domestic e-commerce market is predicted to touch the skies of $400 Billion by 2030.

Year after year 50% of the country’s internet economy is evolving which is opening the doors to a trillion-dollar opportunity by 2030. In fact, many digital-first startups act as catalysts for rapid tech innovation and have the vision to disrupt the officers.

Startups in the B2C segment have highlighted a brand new era of consumer retail, which has been acknowledged well in the home country and abroad. By the end of 2021, B2C startups from India have raised $5.6 Billion in funding across 116 deals. ScaleUp has a motive to identify India’s 20 most promising early-stage B2C startups, with the potential to transform India’s consumer landscape.

ScaleUp will facilitate you the following advantages:

  • New Business Opportunities: Generating business visibility among potential partners, customers and investors.
  • Growth Acceleration: The top five startups will earn ad credits worth INR 20 Lakh.
  • Brand Exposure
  • Employer Branding: People were denoted as a key ingredient of a company’s growth and success.
  • Credibility: Gain the approval for creating a truly innovative B2C startup in India.

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