This startup digitalizes in clinical communication language to simplify and resolve the medical treatment process.


The world has been caught up with the novel coronavirus, which has led to many problems in the health sector. When the doctors of our country were busy 24*7, the health infrastructure of the society began collapsing. Everything was in a whirlwind because of the lack of proper resources. One of the biggest problems many doctors and health workers face is the inability to carry out and note down important notes. They use the traditional method of jotting down stuff on paper, which can sometimes lead to problems like either losing them or reading them wrong.

Prabhat Mohanty came up with this unique and special idea of digitalizing doctors and helping them in standardizing their clinical communication language. He is the founder and ideator of, specializing in NLP and Computer vision developed by the best clinical text processing engines like SNOMED, ICD-10, LOINC, RxNORM under the guidance and mentorship of skilled medical practicians. This helps simplify the complex processes in the healthcare domain, and it was started with the vision to help out doctors and medical health workers who weren't able to give their 100% due to lack of resources and help.

The goal was to simplify the old and traditional methods of note-taking and have discrepancies on doctors' part. The other aim was to provide a platform for the doctors of small towns who can use to standardize and develop the same way big private hospitals do. The term medical coding means transforming the diagnosis, services, procedures into medical alphanumeric codes. While this was not very common in small hospitals, the company decided to help them out, and this will be a simple and easy way for them to practice medical coding.

Mr. Prashant Mohanty believes that when they combine high-end technology with the research and expertise of doctors, they can do wonders. They designed the website so that nothing seems too challenging, and doctors and other medical service providers can avail the services without any problems.

There are many reasons why medical coding is essential, and these are the reasons stated by

  1. Medical coding will help build better communications with stakeholders who believe in data fidelity, and this will help minimize any forms of information being lost.
  2. The delivery cost will be reduced efficiently, and it will be pretty beneficial for the patients in the long run.
  3. This helps keep doctors' focus on more critical work in their day-to-day life and can leave the compiling and filing of information and other petty tasks to them.
  4. This doesn't block the already existing infrastructure and helps many independent doctors and small hospitals practice medical coding.
  5. The digital health ecosystem has been progressing a lot, and makes sure it reaches the doctors even in remote places to avail the services. This won't be restricted to just the privileged people anymore.

The website is straightforward to use and can be operated by anyone. There are a certain number of steps that need to be followed, and once done, will provide you with the medically coded data which can be used further.

The steps to avail this are:

  1. You have to upload the files you want to get coded on a protected drive. There isn't any limit to it, so you can keep adding files to the drive.
  2. You have to upload this drive on the website then, and you will receive the fully coded data without any discrepancies.
  3. There is also an online tool available on the website, which can be accessed if you want to create the data in small amounts faster. You have to upload and click on the button.
  4. The processed content will be maintained in a repository where you can access it anytime, anywhere.

There are a lot of features that this start-up offers to the people who avail their services. Some of them are:

  1. The whole website is designed in English, and there are over 7,00,000 medical terms it is familiar with, which keep getting updated.
  2. An online federated med coding process uses human coders that can connect with people from remote areas on a real-time basis.
  3. The coding of the clinical texts can be done within minutes.
  4. The digital health ecosystem uses the latest version of SNOMED, which keeps getting updated with the latest news.
  5. It can quickly identify the names of the drugs, dosage, timings, durations, etc., without any hassle.

This is not just a website or a start-up but is a revolution indeed. is one of a kind, and this out-of-the-box idea is sure to achieve great success as it is traversing that path currently.

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