Ping Is Connecting Farmers And Other Small Business Owners


The increasing number of buying and selling on social media platforms is evidence that online socializing and online shopping is booming. Social media users in India are growing along with this e-commerce in India is spreading its roots. 

The social commerce startup, Ping is enabling users to discover new makers, and make direct orders from small businesses. 

Startup Story: Ping | Founding Team

Ping was founded by Vartika Bansal in June 2020. Ping is a social commerce startup that integrates small sellers with buyers. It is a technology platform that helps its users to discover new makers, get recommendations from their trusted circles, and order directly from small businesses. 

Prior to the foundation of Ping, Vartika worked as a leader at budget-hotel firm OYO and later helped the food delivery platform UberEats. 

Beginning of Ping

Vartika had a desire to become an entrepreneur, but the pandemic and the increasing usage of WhatsApp shopping gave Vartika Bansal the idea to start her entrepreneurial journey.

Vartika mentioned, “In 2019, I traveled to many countries, and everywhere I would see farmers and bakers selling to communities. In India, I came across farmers who we're selling to a particular apartment complex and many other small business owners doing the same thing. That’s when this idea came to my mind.”

To build a connection between the small sellers and buyers, Vartika launched the social commerce platform Ping.

USP of Ping

Using the platform over the official website of the company, a seller can connect with the selling platform, to get access to the app’s user base. 

The startup was able to take off in multiple cities in a year due to the “asset-light model”.

Present Situation Of Ping

Ping has a 40-member team with at least 500 sellers on the platform selling products in various categories including gardening, food, home, pets, and kids. 

In the current scenario, the company is working with 400 active communities. The startup has its offices in Gurugram, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. In addition to this, as per data available on the Google PlayStore, the Ping application has over 1000 downloads.

Future Plans

The startup is looking forward to deepening penetration by increasing the seller base to reach 3,000-5,000 in every city. Furthermore, Ping is planning to utilize its recently raised funds for platform innovation, development, and strategic hiring.

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