Kisanwala raises $1 million in an angel round


Kisanwala, an Agritech solutions startup, was founded in December 2020. The company is designed in such a way that it helps the farmers efficiently and produces more yields. They have a queue of services provided are:

  • Soil testing,
  • Advisory,
  • Agronomy,
  • Forecasting with respect to agri-inputs, and
  • Agri -output levels.

This is a Hyderabad- based startup that aims to utilize the capital to build tech for holistic one-step solutions can be provided. Also, to build the flagship initiative, in other words, a “Market on Wheels”. The operation of the supply chain on both inputs and outputs is focused upon.

The company’s major aspiration is to have a predictable as well as higher income for the farmers. The company is looking ahead to achieve the target by the setup Brigital (Brick & Mortar + Digital) mechanism called “Market on Wheels.”

In real-time, the company employs around 50,000 farmers (app downloads) and further looking ahead to raise it by a million till the upcoming year. Simultaneously, be able to provide high-quality services to farmers.

The co-founder of Kisanwala Parag Modi said, ''Having worked in the technology and blue-collar space for many years, I could clearly see that farmers' life and income levels could be alleviated by access to technology and using it to solve problems around access to high-quality agronomy, quality products at their doorstep, etc.'' He added that ''with the largest customers in our belt and with the best team on board, we aim to reduce market information asymmetry in order to help farmers work more efficiently and produce better yields''.

Key pillars of this ecosystem are:

  • Supply Chain,
  • Technology,
  • Financial Services.

The farmers are the pivot of everything the company is focusing on.

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