From counselling to loans to accommodation, ASL takes care of it all


The entire value-chain and nitty-gritty for pursuing higher studies abroadare taken care of right here.

Today, 5.5 million aspirants pursue further studies abroad. The number is likely to reach 7 million by 2030. At the outset, international students long for only one thing – a smooth sail through study abroad experiences.

ASL assists students with Integral needs

While counsellors, financial institutions, scholarship and accommodation portals help with international education, they usually operate independently – ASL brings them under a single roof. An end-to-end and tech-enabled platform, ASL guides students through the entire process, from pre-departure to post-landing. ASL also takes care of ancillary services such as visas, concierge and guarantors.

About the Founders

ASL was founded in 2019 by Amit Singh and Sayantan Biswas. With starkly deviant backgrounds, both came in unison to kickstart this entrepreneurial venture. 

Amit Singh is a qualified CFA and an MBA. Having worked at several financial institutions prior, he honed considerable prowess to start Adventum Offshore, an investment and wealth management firm.

Sayantan Biswas, an entrepreneur, commenced his career in the home rental sector with Fella Technology Solutions Pvt Limited. Fate has it that he was selected to be a part of The Thiel Fellowship in the United States. There, he worked with seasoned entrepreneurs such as Blake Master and Peter Thiel. This opportunity paved the road for him to pursue a career shift in the student accommodation market. That is what motivated him to co-found ASL.

The numbers talk

ASL has sold over 3 million nights this year by partnering with leading student housing companies and lenders. ASL has an inventory of 5,00,000+ beds spread over 1,500+ properties in 10+ nations, including the UK, Australia and Canada. 

The venture has proved itself to be a prolific growth maker by successfully disbursing over 200 crores in loans within the first eight months since its launch. 

How can students benefit from ASL?


Students get access to insightful counselling services from industry experts using UniScholarz. The scholarships offered are extensive, wherein students get to access 1500+ scholarships from 40+ countries. Another unique aspect is that these scholarships are varied by their sponsorship as well. They are offered by MNCs, universities, governments, trusts and other agencies. 


UniCreds is a facilitator for students seeking education loans. No longer do students have to go to multiple banks to get the best loan quotations. Students can search for the best education loan terms right from their homely confines. With UniCreds, students need not worry about forex either. Lastly, UniCreds deals in paperless loan approvals, thereby saving even more time and effort. 


What makes UniAcco stand out from the crowd is that students using the Compare feature can filter out the desired accommodation using 80+ parameters, including amenities, room types, locality, distance from university and benefits, among others. Using the app, students also get a virtual tour of their accommodation. They get to choose among 500000+ beds. 

The verticals


ASL’s latest addition in the arsenal of services, UniScholarz, provides academic counselling to students. The primary purpose of UniScholarz is to guide the students towards pursuing courses most relevant to their interests, background and prospects. Apart from high-quality counselling from global mentors and best-in-class service, UniScholarz provides scholarships to students pursuing abroad studies.


ASL also offers student education loans through UniCreds. In doing so, ASL has forged strategic partnerships with HDFC Credila, ICICI Bank, Avanse Financial Services and Bank of Baroda. UniCreds is currently the second-largest education loan portal in India. 


ASL started as a cross-border accommodation platform with UniAcco. It provides premium student accommodations located close to top universities.

How can society benefit from ASL?

ASL assists students with eleven self-sponsored scholarship programmes. They also provide student-specific scholarships in certain categories.

On the leaderboard

Having entered its third year, ASL holds the best industry rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot. ASL has to its name the prestigious Best Cross-Border Student Housing Provider 2020 award, presented at the fourth annual Greater London Enterprise Awards hosted by SME News. 

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