Employment to the women of the village of Punjab by making pickles

KKNS Products of India, Kulwant Kaur

The founder of KKNS Products of India, Kulwant Kaur is the only 10th pass woman of Amrala village of Fatehgarh Sahib in Punjab. She is very well known as a successful women entrepreneur in India.

Kulwant Kaur and Jaswinder Singh, her husband, have a small processing business by the name of KKNS Products of India. She belongs to a farmer's family. She had a desire to improve the financial condition of her family and always tried to explore the world.

Kulwant worked in weaving, embroidery, and many more. Previously, they also farmed dairy and had 30 buffaloes on their dairy farm.

They faced a lot of financial challenges, but never gave up.

About a decade ago, Kulwant Kaur started her career by making raw turmeric pickle. Currently, she manufactures more than 40 types of products.

Now, she is facilitating employment for other women in the village.

Entrepreneurial Journey

They participated in a free training program on the management of fruits and vegetables, for which they used to visit Krishi Vigyan Kendra from her village every day.

On the last day of training, in a competition, she made apple jam and raw turmeric pickle. Kulwant Kaur was awarded the first prize in this competition.

Her “Haldi Ke Achaar” was appreciated by people and with this, she attained confidence which kept on increasing when she won this small contest. A decade ago, she started preparing turmeric pickles with very little investment.

She used to collect raw turmeric, put its pickle, and set up stalls outside the gurudwaras and in PAU fairs as well.

As she started selling her products in the fair, later people gradually started ordering more products. She also tried to sell her products in the nearby market.

Apart from manufacturing pickles, she also tried to make powder and juices as well. The lady started getting great orders, and also she started gathering information about different training programs of Krishi Vigyan Kendra so that she can learn the latest techniques.

She got training in making Soap, Phenyl, Amla Juice, Chutney, shampoo etc. from Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

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