Mr. Kartik Shah, CEO at Coldrush Logistics & Entrepreneur

Mr. Kartik Shah

Mr. Kartik Shah, Indian entrepreneur & CEO at Coldrush Logistics

Coldrush Logistics’s services

Currently, the company is offering several high-end logistics services including Chillers frozen & ambient warehousing, Dedicated Chambers, Blast Freezing, Grading & Sorting, Repacking Services, and Vehicle Plugging.

Coldrush Logistics also offers services to deal with road congestion and other hindrances, in order to make the overall logistics process smooth and hassle-free.

At Coldrush Logistics, they believe in saving time for their customer and facilitating valuable resources. After a deep research and development program, they have attained the capabilities to handle bulk loads and city distribution with utmost ease and sincerity.

Coldrush Logistics also facilitates the integration of customers’ inbound and outbound logistics to guarantee seamless delivery. Our Online Tracking system and Temperature Monitoring System also fulfill end-customer requirements.

Our temperature range is between + 25 and -25°C.

How did they get an idea for the business?

The CEO of the company, Mr. Kartik Shah had comprehensive knowledge and industry experience in cold chain and supply chain.

After keen observation and analysis, the man realized there is a massive blank space in the cold chain logistics facility.

Temperature-sensitive products are wasted due to a lack of adequate resources and technology. To fill this blank space, the team decided to lay down the foundation of Coldrush Logistics. There was a concept to start an organized cold chain logistics business that gradually converted into an FSSAI Compliant and BRC-Accredited supply chain company.

What is the USP of the business?

Since the inception of Coldrush Logistics in the year 2012, Coldrush Logistics has bridged the gap to a significant extent.

Currently, they are allocated across India at multiple locations, including tier-II and tier-III cities. One of the USPs is 24*7*365 customer support.

In addition to this, they have also initiated the captain phase of electric vehicle and charging point facilities. Which is getting a brilliant response already?  

How many employees are there in the organization?

Currently, Coldrush Logistics contains more than 150+ talented and hardworking employees. They are the biggest reason for the success and growth of the company.

What are the company’s goals?

The ultimate goal of Coldrush Logistics is to make world-class technology-driven cold chain logistics solutions for the quality storage of finished goods.

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