Sarvesh Agrawal | A man behind Internshala

Sarvesh Agrawal | A man behind Internshala

The early life of Sarvesh Agrawal

Sarvesh Agrawal was born and brought up in Nawalgarh, Rajasthan, India. Sarvesh decided to pursue engineering. He completed his graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology in the year 2006 with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering.

Sarvesh Agrawal Career 

He worked in some companies including Capital One in Nottingham. Further, he joined Aviva Life Insurance’s India business in Gurgaon and set up the Business Analytics team in 2010.

He has benefited in both education and technology, mulling over opportunities that could see most graduates lack the necessary practical and soft skills required to succeed in a global corporate environment. To resolve such issues, he observed a keep requirement of essential technical and soft skills that companies are searching for in the hired employees that would be done through internships.

Thus, he founded Internshala in the year 2011. While working in Aviva he took it up as a side project. Gradually working on it after the initial setup, he quit his corporate job and gave full time to Internshala. 

Internshala growth

Sarvesh Agrawal was working alone on a project and was carrying out all the responsibilities of the founder as CEO. That resulted to be a hectic role. So, he made the decision to hire a few interns to work remotely. On the initial basis, he started working as a blogger on the WordPress platform, collecting various internship details and posting them as a blog. Over the country, students found it helpful, and traffic increased asking the way to register and join. So, he built a website, and IBM stood to be the first company that advertised the training program. Since then, the growth in revenue started occurring as companies started registering, and the traffic rose. Students got paid internships. 

Having different educational fields, students can search and apply for various internships. Along with this, there are various types of organizations, startups, corporates, SMEs, NGOs, and education institutes as well.

Recently, the platform is facilitating the summer and winter programs that provide educational training programs to polish the student’s ability and skills with minimal fees and significant discounts.

How did Sarvesh take up Internshala?

In 2010, Internshala was founded and achieved a turnover of around Rs.100 Crore. Now it is the largest pool of internships in terms of users and traffic.

The net worth of Sarvesh Agrawal?

The total net worth of Sarvesh Agrawal is approximately 3 crore per year which was generated by the website.

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