An opportunity for Startups and entrepreneurs to make their day more structured with Nukleus Co-working.

Nukleus Group

A place for Creativity, Productivity, Innovation, Networking & Collaboration

Nukleus Group is heading towards the finishing-line to be recognized as a market leader over the past few years. This is the brainchild of Nipun Gupta, Founder & Director, who also runs successful ventures in the field of infrastructure development, real estate, finance, insurance broking, technology, healthcare and education. Nipun is the recipient of youngest CEO award from Govt of UAE and he is also an expert in business mentoring, turnaround consulting, and social entrepreneurship. All his ventures are known for their quality and service focus leading the client delight and beyond. He is a strong believer in the value of “go-getter comes after go-giver” which is seen in his social entrepreneurship.

In the present times, the government is promoting entrepreneurship more than ever before, his vision of providing high-tech office with high class & affordable infrastructure for the young start-up enthusiast has led to the creation of the Nukleus group, the best co-working & well managed office spaces in NCR. Today, the company has expanded to Delhi & Gurgaon with it’s flagship property being located in Noida Sector 142. He believes that it is of prime importance to ensure that his team believes the vision of the company and also the company should always be customer-centric in providing its services and maintains high standards.

The co-working and the managed office spaces are the need of the hour for several industries in India. The NCR is a patchwork of various cities scattered over the metropolitan region. And this really helps the future entrepreneurs of the country to easily find such an affordable place to create their dream projects.

Nukleus will continue to strive for delivering the best and will expand its presence all across India, says determined Nipun Gupta.

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