When we talk about our health, it was a pretty neglected sector up till a few years ago. It has been in the talk and trend ever since we have been high hit by the pandemic. Even before that, Indians have started getting health conscious because of their hectic and busy work life which caused a lot of significant health-related issues. It is extremely vital to be healthy from both your heart and mind and this is why this particular sector has been blooming like nothing else. With the onset of new technology and the digital world, the fitness culture in our country has refined and reforged.

The services and the coverage which our healthcare sector has been getting are exceptional. Our favorite celebrities, as well as the government itself, have been promoting it and when influencers like them do such things, it gets in trend and people want to follow in their footsteps and do it like them. There have been a lot of entrepreneurs who have tried their hand in this department but only a few have been able to excel. Some of the best fitness startups in our country which has motivated people to get out of bed and do better are:


One of the most famous apps in our country which is widely used by the masses, it was originally launched in 2012 by Sachin Shenoy and Tushar Vashisht and aims on delivering results based on the overall performance of the user in terms of their weight, BMI, calorie intake, etc. It gives a detailed report of what the problem is and how the user can inculcate healthy eating and dieting habits to improve it. this company uses the advanced technology of AI and has even provided services to Nestle, Genpact, Unilever, etc.


This is a Bengaluru-based startup that was launched in 2008 by Abhinay Lal and Shashank ND. The aim was to provide the right assistance to every single person in India from the comforts of their home where they can easily connect with a doctor and ask for tips and solutions to their problems. A lot of people consult with dieticians and fitness trainers to get the best results in their bodies.


Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori founded this startup which is based in Mumbai back in 2016 and aims at providing solutions to numerous matters related to serious health and fitness issues. It has four different apps which act as a pillar for a Curefit and they are Curefit that is used by people to cater to their physical fitness needs, mind. Curefit lookout for the mental well-being of a person, and acts as a consultation servicing app that will connect you to doctors and experts and get the right diagnosis.


It was founded back in 2015 by Satish Kannan and Enbasekar Dinadayalane which is based on consultation services at any hour and will instantly connect you to doctors who will cater to your needs. You can get your hands in services such as pediatrics, internal medicine, diabetes, cardiology, and a lot more.


This is a startup that was founded by Tarun Gill and it specifically aims at providing physical fitness solutions. The resources and the information which is available on the app will cater to every need and doubt of the user and it is quite reliable and credible. There are personalized plans as well which you can avail as per your need.