Serial Entrepreneur Kiran Biligiri believes in the power of dreams and the spirit of never giving up.

Kiran Biligiri


Translating Vision into Reality -Many myths surround entrepreneurs and how they work. Some think that only a certain group of individuals have the talent to start something of their own. Yet others think that the only requirement for setting up your own business is a good idea. While there is no definition of what it takes to become an entrepreneur, there certainly is a common denominator – entrepreneurs are believers. 

One such seasoned entrepreneur who started with nothing but faith in himself is Kiran. A first-generation businessman, Kiran today runs one of the most preferred choices in the restaurant and banqueting segment. His hospitality ventures have received multiple awards and recognition and continues to provide great value and world class service.

To Humble Beginnings

After completing his education in Hotel Management, Kiran started as an Operations Management Trainee at Taj Hotels in 1995. The innovator within him kept urging him to start something of his own. With a meagre savings of just 2500 rupees in his pocket, Kiran set off to establish a dream of his own. 

In the year 1996, along with his friends, he started an unconventional business of pest control called ‘Sioux Biligiri’. The company grew in no time, spanning multiple branches in India and neighbouring countries. In 2007, his company was acquired for a million+ dollars by ISS, the world’s largest facility management company. 

Kiran then ventured into the restaurant industry and established the award-winning restaurant Utsav. Gradually, he diversified into banqueting with Moksh Banquets, which has emerged as the preferred choice for all celebrations, catering to huge events – IPL and other international cricket matches included. 

A Cornerstone of Credibility and Consistency

Kiran has since forayed into multiple businesses, such as import-export, distribution, boutique hotels, MLM etc. The one common denominator that continued across all verticals were credibility and consistency. Some of them were successful and some weren’t, but the graph of learning continuously spiked higher and higher. 

It is because of these qualities that Kiran’s ventures have received so much appreciation from all quarters. Reputed entities such as the Association of Catering Professionals, Times of India, Diners International, Department of Tourism have awarded his hospitality businesses.

Taking the Challenges Head On

Apart from facing numerous professional challenges Kiran faced a huge setback personally, when a couple of years ago he was diagnosed with a rare life threatening condition that affects one in a million ( Guillain Barre Syndrome). This affected  his mobility and put him on a wheelchair. For a person, who was his college cricket team captain, an avid badminton player, a golfer and a full marathon runner, he took this challenge head on.  Undeterred by it, Kiran’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for sharing his experience has taken him to The Next Level- To inspire people to chase their dreams or to start something they always wanted and to imbibe in them the spirit of never giving up. 

A Leader Who Believes in Imparting Knowledge

As a speaker  Kiran inspires many at various premier educational institutions and business forums alike. When pandemic struck bringing tough times for the hospitality industry, Kiran’s idea of sharing know-how and guiding aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own Virtual/Cloud Kitchens laid the foundation to build the largest network of foodpreneurs pan India and abroad.

Bridging the gap between opportunity and information, Kiran created an online course called “Kiran Biligiri’s Cloud Kitchen Masterclass”, covering comprehensively the process from ideation to execution of cloud kitchens. Today, his community includes almost 6000+ student members across India and abroad, with over 500 of them already proud Cloud Kitchen/QSR owners, connected through WhatsApp and Facebook groups. 

Together, the members of the community are networking, synergising and collaborating thus fuelling each other’s dreams. His course not only gave the necessary impetus to the existing entrepreneurs but more importantly gave wings to homemakers, corporates and chefs to pursue their dreams. He has also been helping foodpreneurs to understand global food trends and sustainable practices. 

“When someone asks, what do you do, I say, whatever it takes. I believe dreams come true only when we start pursuing them, just like the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” 


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