City Mall – A virtual mall developing cities and villages

City Mall


Whatsapp is generally used for communication not only in developed cities. Many brands are seen delivering groceries and other items online. The application is required to resolve the problem and contribute to their growth. “City Mall” is there to contribute to the same.

Founding Story

The world-wide e- commerce market “City Mall” was founded in the year 2019 which is Gurugram-based. The CityMall was founded by Mr. Angad Kikla and Mr. Naisheel Verdhan. Mr.  Naisheel Verdhan studied from IIT Roorkee and Mr. Angad Kikla completed his IIM from Indore. Both the entrepreneurs have involved their technological and management ideas and leading a growth- oriented market.

Model of City Mall

City Mall, being an e-commerce platform, sells household and designed products. The process of placing an order is supported by Whatsapp click which guarantees the quality of the product. It is an attractive characteristic that motivates the new internet users to get familiar with the e-commerce market.

The venture facilitates certain discounts and also takes care of the sales and marketing, who charge commissions in return for  their services. The application is available at the play store.

Funding Store

The CityMall has acquired total funding of $112.2M from the collaboration of 18 investors in the  B and C series funding round. The company has outstanding revenue of INR 14.95 crores in 2021 and also has 20000 resellers and 200k consumers across Haryana.

The Mall Expansion

The virtual mall has plans to touch 500 million customers. The company has a family of 250 employees, to develop the young blood in the industry by creating more micro-entrepreneurs’ is the plan of the company. The tagline of the company is- “Har Din Sahi Daam” which is ultimately encouraging the Bharat consumer first concept.


The brand has 20 similar companies, and has built a team of 25000+ Community Leaders in different urban centers in just 2.5 years which again stands as a big achievement.

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