HealWell24- The Next Transformation In HealthCare With DocsCampus


The pandemic period revealed the difference in the existing healthcare structure and disclosed the fact that the Indian healthcare system is weak.

It is observed that there was a lack of healthcare delivery and qualified doctors in rural & semi-urban areas. In conclusion, the Indian HealthCare system needs a transformation.

Healthtech startup HealWell24, with its Healthcare Services Search Engine, is helping people with online consultation, doctor home visits, lab tests, and resolving other issues.

Founding Team of HealWell24

HealWell24 was established by JK Singha, Rk Ningthem, Nilesh Bhanushali, and Chittaranjan Mishra. The startup offers convenient online medical services that empower people to take care of their health. 

Anil Vikramaditya Verma joined HealWell24 as Chief Investment Officer in Jan 2021.

Bringing The Next Revolution in HealthCare

HealWell24 is giving birth to the next revolution in healthcare with its upcoming product DocsCampus.com. 

HealWell24 is working forward to solve the current asymmetry of Indian Healthcare (of information & access). It would need not just a simple engine but a user-managed network of Doctors & Patients owned and moderated with the community at its center stage.

DocsCampus.com, the next product of HealWell24 is said to be capable enough to solve the issues and is an easy-to-use and effective platform for the next generation, as mentioned by the founder.

How did HealWell24 come into existence?

While going through the Indian health system where there is no proven way for professionals to find, consult, and transact with each other online, JK Singha felt that the Indian HealthCare system needs a transformation.

JK Singha started creating a single healthcare window that enables people to access healthcare. So, the founder, along with Rk Ningthem, Nilesh Bhanushali, and Chittaranjan Mishra, started HealWell24 to facilitate a trusted single window for healthcare delivery to every person.

USP of HealWell24

DocsCampus, the team believes to become successful after removing the existing asymmetry of access & information for doctors or medical students in rural/ semi-urban areas & their patients.

JK Singha mentioned, that the DocsCampus portal is to ensure top quality service delivery to all the doctors on the platform and their patients, the services of the current booking engine will be deeply integrated.

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