Rakul Preet Singh invests in D2C startup Wellbeing Nutrition

Wellbeing Nutrition

Wellbeing Nutrition is a Mumbai-based startup has announced that Rakul Preet Singh is now an investor in the brand.

Wellbeing Nutrition was in 2019 by Avnish Chhabria in the year 2019. Wellbeing Nutrition makes healthy combinations of various nutrition:

·         Daily wellness,

·         Functional nutrition,

·         Kids organic nutrition, and

·         Natural nutricosmetics. 

Wellbeing Nutrition claims that it has emerged a great leader in the category, with multiple technology innovations in nutrition such as ‘Melts’ Oral Thin Strips which permit better absorption of nutrition, multi layered effervescent tablets and Slow capsules that follow an 8 hour delayed release mechanism.

Currently, the brand is on its online platform, across 2,000+ stores over India, and over 5,000+ stores across USA, the UK, UAE, and Germany.

On a large platform the company has been casted i.e., Disney to launch all organic and natural products of vitamins, probiotics and omega for kids globally.


Avnish Chhabria, Founder of Wellbeing Nutrition, said, “At Wellbeing Nutrition, our aim is to provide organic solutions in the most technologically efficient way. Rakul echoes our vision completely. Her clean-eating, healthy-living ethos makes her an ideal fit for Wellbeing Nutrition.” 

Rakul said, “Wellbeing Nutrition has always stood out for me for its clean, natural, and organic sustainable philosophy to plant-based nutrition while having a strong research driven approach. My belief in their products is what drove my investment into the company. I love all their products, especially their apple cider vinegar, which brings health and taste together."

"Their Slow range that provides delayed release helps ensures I get the right nutrition across the day. It’s the first company to have clinically approved collagen which is grade 1 and grade 3 and I completely love it,” she added.

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