Lachy Groom, Accel India, and Lightspeed backed SuperShare with $6.5M


SuperShare is a content-sharing application that has made a big announcement of raising  $6.5 million in the first funding round. This funding capital is backed by various companies including Lachy Groom, Accel India, and Lightspeed.

This is a Bengaluru-based firm, which has so far been operating in stealth mode. The company, SuperShare is planning to utilize the fresh capital funding in developing its products.

SuperShare was founded by Sagar Modi and Advaith Vishwanath in the year 2019. Sagar Modi is an IIT-Bombay graduate, and Advaith Vishwanath was part of Accel's investment team.

In the last two years, the content creator economy has seen massive growth by leaps and bounds. It was all about the circumstances when the world was locked in their homes consuming large chunks of content online, and creators across digital platforms were racking millions of views on their videos.

Over the world, many platforms have cropped up in the influencer representation and marketplace space including Gurugram-based Wobb. Pocket Aces created short-form videos, reflected on YouTube, and started representing a few influencers.

SuperShare is currently working in stealth with a few chosen creators in an invite-only program and will open up access in the next few months.


"We are building the best way to share content. Sharing content is a huge part of our lives on the internet, and with the ever-changing landscape on social media, and the rising prominence of chat/community apps, we believe there is an opportunity to increase intimacy and efficiency in the way we share content," said Sagar Modi, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO), SuperShare.

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