Leaf Round raises $300K in pre-seed round

Leaf Round

Leaf Round has raised $300,000 in a pre-seed funding from micro VC firm Upsparks, Superb Capital, McKinsey, Bain, Barclays, and Adobe. 

Leaf Round will utilize the fresh funds in many ways like-

  • To expand its product building efforts,
  • Create market awareness about its offerings, I
  • Hiring the right talent,
  • Building a highly scalable tech stack and
  • Focusing on content marketing.

Leaf Round is a fintech startup that facilitates asset renting as an alternative investment product and has seen strong grip from its early users. Leaf Round was founded by Nishchay Nath, Soumya Kushwaha and Avinash Verma in the year April 2022. The investments have grown by 50% month-over-month and repeat rate of 25%.

Leaf Round is a platform where investors can purchase and rent assets including furniture, IT equipment and more, to earn high revenue in the form of monthly rentals.


“We are making it easy for the Indian investor to create wealth by taking a common concept of real estate rentals and extending it to assets that companies require. We aim to target the MSME credit gap of $345 billion as an investment opportunity, which can be plugged using leasing. There is massive potential in this space and the success of this funding round gives us the boost needed to achieve the goals of our product and create an impact on the Indian investor,” said Nishchay Nath, Co-founder, Leaf Round.

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