Ayu Health raises $27M in series B round led by Fundamentum Partnership

Ayu Health

Ayu Health, a healthcare startup has raised $27 million in Series B funding led by The Fundamentum Partnership.

With this fundraise, Prateek Jain of Fundamentum Partnership would be joining the Ayu Health Board.

Ayu Health acquires specialty hospitals and rebrands them to generate a network of hospitals. 

The startup, Ayu Health currently works with more than Ayu Health was founded by Himesh Joshi, Arjit Gupta, and Karan Gupta in the year 2019 in 70 hospitals across India. 

The fresh funding capital raised would be utilized in the following ways:

  • To expand the hospital network and
  • Develop innovative technological solutions for patient experience,
  • Insurance processing,
  • Efficient procurement, and
  • Clinical quality management at network hospitals.

The startup is tracked to attain 10 times growth by the end of 2022.

The company September 2021had raised Series A funding of $6.3 million from Vertex Ventures and Stellaris Venture Partners.


Himesh Joshi, Co-founder, and CEO, Ayu Health, said, “We started Ayu Health in 2019 with a mission to build India’s most trusted hospital chain promising high-quality patient outcomes, transparency on pricing, and world-class patient experience. With the support from new and existing investors, we are now well-positioned to take this model to more geographies, and are targeting a network of over 200 hospitals and 10,000 beds by Dec 2022 ensuring high-quality healthcare for all.”

“Tech hasn’t created a meaningful dent in the healthcare space so far, especially in-hospital care. We are focused on changing that,” added Arjit Gupta, Co-founder, and CTO at Ayu Health.

“The last two years have demonstrated an urgent need for tech-driven disruption in the healthcare space in order to build solutions that can provide efficient, affordable, and quality care. Looking at the journey of Ayu Health in the last few years, it has the capability and capacity to address significant gaps in clinical care, in-hospital experience, and pricing for patients in India,” said Prateek Jain, Principal, Fundamentum Partnership.

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