Grin Health : Best Ergonomic Healthcare Products Brand in India

Grin Health

Grin Health -launches new products SitRight Pro ™ , SitPlus ™ & SitCorrect ™ for
backrest and neck support


An initiative of Grin Health, one of the fastest growing Indian Ergonomic healthcare &
personal care brands. They produce Must-Have Essentials to make life more comfortable for
all, “We have been a pioneer in introducing exclusive products being the first to market in
India with 25+ scientifically researched products patented. At Grin Health, the products are
sourced, designed, manufactured and distributed the latest innovative healthcare premium
products online and via health practitioners in more than 10+ countries like India, South East
Asia, Middle East and many more” - Dharmendra Kumar CEO & Founder, Grin Health
Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Grin Health launches new products within the range of lumbar back and neck support
including SitRight Pro™ , SitCorrect ™ and SitPlus ™. The daily essentials are ideal for
everyone, aiding in posture correction. It provides body pain relief specifically in the lower
back, head & neck. The product range provides the most comfortable lumbar back and
headrest neck support. The memory foam perfectly matches the anatomy of the spine and the
orthopaedic design adapts seamlessly to the shape of the body, provides good support for the
spine and ensures the lumbar spine to be anatomically correct. Ergonomic design of the
headrest neck support products fills the gap between head and neck, with a slightly concave
centre to fit our cervical vertebrae. It provides additional support for the neck and helps
improve posture while reducing muscle tension and stiffness in the neck.The products can be
used in any sitting position be it car, office chair or at home.
Grin Health products started selling as over-the-counter products, but have also been
available online in most e-commerce platforms. “We have widespread positive reviews from
our online customers, and most of our products are top-rated in their category. We have
around 1 million+ happy customers all over the world. This is majorly due to our
scientifically proven design and high quality of materials like memory foam used in our
products ” - Dharmendra Kumar said when asked about high ratings on online platforms.
With festival season coming up, Grin Health products are ideal to give to the ones who need
relief from back, lumbar, coccyx, cervical, or neck pain. Over 100 different types of body
supports from Ortho Pillows, Cushions, Multipurpose Wedge Support pillows to massagers
for pain relief, knee & back support pillow, & Masks are available.The range is available on
all major e-commerce sites like Amazon and on their website (

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