The Future Of Social Media & Messaging - Zlen


Over the globe it is analyzed that the online social presence has led to approx. 3 billion which also includes social media users across the planet. In addition to this, most of the social platforms are working as marketplaces for enterprises to conduct their businesses.

The CEO & Founder of Zlen is Snehal Gersappa. Zlen is the only private Indian social media platform, which has a few overlooked aspects of social media and its elegant solutions related to the problem of user privacy, intrusive advertising, and lack of user control. 

Your Private Social Space

The journey began at the owner’s own house to handle the incidents on social media. Being an enthusiastic user, Snehal witnessed all the stages of the social media growth cycle until he uncovered the much-needed one – Private Sharing and Controlled Networking. 

The issues that led to the origin of Zlen were overcrowded social media platforms, a lot of apprehensions, and anxiety.

Gen Z & Millennials agreed to maintain individual privacy from both close family members and distant as well. By the collaborative idea of Ashwin Date, the CTO, Zlen came into existence..

Better control over virtual personal space

Some deep consumer behavior research and tracking investigation say that Snehal wasn’t the only one who had privacy issues. There were many other people also who were experiencing a significant level of discomfort when it came to their personal online space. 

Future of Zlen and Social Media

Zlen can be seen as a disruptive manner of doing things. Being on a stage of an increasing number of users who are experiencing the freeing aspect of connecting to a specific inner circle without judgment or trolling social media, and private messaging.

Some of the privacy measures such as protection of name, email, and contact number are secured by End-to-End encryption and are designed to offer optimum data privacy. 

India's existence of Zlen will soon go global this year. Zlen is planning to feature characteristics like audio and video chat rooms, podcast creation and sharing, and live video streaming. 

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