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Nabhi Sutra

Nabhi Sutra Founder Swati Vakharia is changing lives with the goodness of age-old Ayurveda

The recent rage of the global pandemic has prompted all of us to change our lifestyles and habits by inculcating holistic natural methods, products and remedies that have been followed down several generations in the country. Ayurveda is appreciated even beyond Indian boundaries for its myriad ways of “magical healing”, one of which is the pechoti or belly button therapy, and this is what Vakharia’sNabhi Sutra is based on.

The genesis of the Concept

Vakharia’s brainchild Nabhi Sutra is a brand that deals exclusively in belly button oils for treating several common ailments and infections, including cold and cough, hair fall, acne, menstrual pain and cramps, indigestion, joint pains, and problems related to fertility, to name a few. A staunch believer in the power of Ayurveda, Vakharia developed an inclination for this specific practice when she was discovering precautionary health measures for her infant and herself.

This opened the doors for her to the age-old “nabhichkitsa”– an Ayurvedic treatment practice which seemed very effective but somehow not very popular. After her refreshing and rewarding stint with Ayurveda during infancy and postpartum,Vakharia conducted extensive research on “nabhichikitsa” with the help of Dr Nikunj Mewada and formulated an impressive range of herbal essential oils that could treat almost all everyday health issues with simple application of a few drops on the navel. Vakharia’s brainchild Nabhi Sutra was thus born.

Ayurvedic Magic in a Bottle

“Two and a half years old already, Nabhi Sutra is a brand I hold dear to my heart,” shares Vakharia, as she reminisces its inception and journey. “People these days have learnt to value Ayurvedic products just like they were in the ancient era. Social media has played a significant role in spreading the word about the magical benefits of Nabhi Sutra and its Ayurvedic goodness, thanks to which we have made way into 1 lakh+ homes today.”

Ayurveda is the birthplace of the philosophy – prevention is better than cure. This has become even more relevant with the onset of epidemics and pandemics of every kind throughout the world. Nabhi Sutra relies on these very principles, and helps its users deal with that critical phase when they can avoid taking their condition to the next phase of medicinal dependency.

Charting a Promising Future

“In this information age, it can be difficult to differentiate between truth and falsehood. This could get even scarier if you have a little child or old parents to take care of. This is where Nabhi Sutra steps in and straightens things, for it is based entirely on the trust that our culture has always associated Ayurveda with,” Vakharia shares. The primary objective, she goes on to say, is to encourage the imbibition of natural health treatments instead of harmful synthetics that the market is loaded with today.

With a simple 3-3-3 formula – applying 3 drops on the navel, massaging for 3 minutes and waiting for 3 weeks of consistent application to see results – Vakharia has completely transformed the way we approach everyday health issues. With 100% safe, chemical-free products that come with no artificial fragrances, Nabhi Sutra’s natural high-quality cold-pressed oil made of herbs and Siddha oils can be called the perfect blend of ancient sciences and modern living.

“Looking ahead, there’s a lot on the cards for us,” Vakharia remarks. “We plan on launching a new brand called ADHYAY, which would take age-old rituals ahead by reinventing ancient recipes. The idea is to help your body recover its internal harmony through the magical healing of Ayurveda.”

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